VMware NSX Advantages / Benefits

This article shows you my personal opinion for VMware NSX. it is not related specific company and not represent comment from any organization.

And I’m studying English now. so if you feel difficult to understand my article, sorry for any inconvenience for you.


This article is written in English for my trainees in future and friends oversea. 


First of all, most people think it is difficult to explain “real VMware NSX Advantages / benefits” to other.


Especially, when compare it to vSphere and vSAN (server virtualization and storage virtualization), more difficult to understand it.

Becasue using these two types of virtualization, IT admins can reduce counts of hardware device in their LAB/Datacenter.

In vSAN’s case, they can eliminate all SAN storage, it is up to customer site character.


In network virtualization, we must use phyisical network device to keep under-lay network. so these general benefit for server/stoarge virtualization is not always match for network virtualization.


For people wants to easy understand for NSX advantages and benefits, I made this chart.


◯=Easy to feel benefit icon


  • This chart is made based on VMware NSX 6.2. After upgrade & change function, you need modify this chart.
  • From other people view point, he or she may think need add/remove ◯ from this chart. This chart is show my individual opinion.

Key point is, “User should understand benefits by different view.”


<Bad explain scenario>

For instance, it is meaningless to explain about traffic reduction benefit to non-technical staff.


<Nice explain scenario>

For financial staff, sales person should explain hardware maintenance costs reduction.

For network administrator, sales person should explain integrated management benefit. (no more multiple vendors UI, no more support team phone number to multiple vendors)


I hope this chart will be help your VMware NSX promotion activity.